Ancient Bronze and Copper - Roman Imperial Bronze - AD 81-96 G


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This ancient bronze coin recalls the intrigue of superstitious imperial Rome, where the astrologer`s chart told ALL. It features Domitian (A.D. 81-96) - last of the 12 Caesars. His childhood was haunted by a birth astrology reading that foretold the date and hour of his violent death by blade. Cruel and arrogant, he unwisely antagonized important subjects during his rule. And several of them decided to make the prediction come true. After conspirators stabbed him on the date and time prophesied, the Roman Senate ordered all traces of the unpopular emperor eradicated. Hand struck over 1,900 years ago, this bronze coin shows the ill-fated Domitian`s profile. You`ll want to acquire this coin that`s brimming with history for your collection. Order this stellar bronze now.