A.D. 69-79 Vespasian Silver Tetradrachm, Schøyen Collection


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Bearing the image of Emperor Vespasian, who built the great Colosseum of Ancient Rome, this Tetradrachm was hand struck in silver over 1,900 years ago in Egypt – where he was originally declared emperor. Vespasian was the final ruler during the historic “Year of Four Emperors” (A.D. 69), and he broke a string of short-lived reigns by maintaining authority for over a decade. Planning began on the Colosseum after the First Jewish-Roman war (A.D. 66-73) as a monument to Vespasian’s victory.

Utilizing thousands of war prisoners for labor, Roman Emperor Vespasian called upon the empire’s finest architects, engineers, builders, painters, and decorators to design and construct the Colosseum. It was nearly finished when Vespasian died in A.D. 79, and was completed by his son Titus, who in A.D. 81, held inaugural games lasting 100 days.

The coins offered here depict Vespasian on the obverse, while reverse designs vary. Each hails from the famed Schøyen Collection. Begun in 1920 by M.O. Schøyen, the collection contains ancient manuscripts, historical documents, and antiquities from around the globe. Your coin comes with an identification card that speaks to this pedigree. Order now to enjoy the history and prestige of Ancient Rome!