A.D. 527-565 Justinian I Copper Follis


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Get an extra large copper Follis coin from the A.D. 527-565 reign of Justinian I – who ruled the Byzantine Empire during the height of its size and authority. Byzantium, which was once the eastern portion of the Roman Empire, reclaimed Rome under Justinian I and gained control of nearly all the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Emperor Justinian also built the famed Hagia Sophia church, translating as "Divine Wisdom" from Greek and the signature architectural feat of the Byzantine Empire.

The obverse, measuring from 39-42 mm in diameter, depicts Justinian I and bears crosses to each side signifying the Christian beliefs of the Byzantine Empire. The large "M" on the reverse indicates the face value of 40 Nummi (M = 40 in Greek numbering). Available in desirable Very Fine condition, this bronze Follis will add historical interest to your collection.