A.D. 457-484 Peroz I Silver Drachm


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Bring the excitement of the ancient world to your collection! This handsome silver drachm was struck for the Sassanian Empire, which ruled a vast region of western and central Asia for over 400 years and was the last pre-Islamic Persian Empire. Each obverse depicts King Peroz I, who ruled from A.D. 457-484. Forced to lead his army against the Hepthalites (his former allies), Peroz was captured during battle. Unable to pay the ransom, Peroz left his son with his captors instead.

Though it’s now over 1,500 years old, this coin still displays nice detail and eye appeal. The obverse depicts Peroz, while a fire altar is shown on the reverse. Add history and intrigue to your collection today, with this handsome silver drachm!