A.D. 40-70 Petra Malichus II Bronze Quadrans


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You can own an ancient bronze coin hand struck from A.D. 40-70 in the Lost City of Petra! Former capital of the secretive Nabataean society, and located in present-day Jordan, Petra is accessible only by foot through a narrow, mile-long rock gorge. Lost and forgotten for centuries until its rediscovery in 1812, this tourist mecca features elaborate buildings, temples and tombs literally carved out of sandstone cliffs.

The Nabataeans who built Petra were highly successful traders between the Egyptian, Greek and Roman empires to the west – and India, China and the spice islands to the east. Regular contact with the world's most advanced civilizations made the Nabataeans highly educated. Nearly all could read and write, and yet they left no historical records. Perhaps the Nabataeans, whose power depended on economic expertise rather than military might, did not wish to share the secrets of their success!

These bronze coins feature the jugate busts of Malichus II and his wife Shuqualait, and display attractive green patina. Add the intrigue of a legendary lost city and a little-known ancient economic empire to your collection today!