A.D. 399-420 Yazdgard I Silver Drachm


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Here’s your chance to own a Silver Drachm from Persia, featuring King Yazdgard I, in Choice Extra Fine condition after more than 1,600 years. Ruler of the Sasanian Kingdom from A.D. 399 to 420, Yazdgard’s name translates as “God-made.” He ascended the throne after his brother’s assassination. Yazdgard’s friendly relations with Christians and Jews, plus his pursuit of a peaceful policy with Rome, angered the powerful nobility and Zoroastrian clergy. As he tried to curb their influence, they nicknamed him “The Sinner.” After a previous period of turmoil, Yazdgard’s 21-year-reign was viewed as an era of renewal for the Sasanian Kingdom before his assassination in A.D. 420.

With shining surfaces and sharp details, the Drachm’s obverse depicts the bearded Yazdgard I. The reverse features a fire altar flanked by two attendants. Limited in availability – don’t wait to add this ancient silver coin to your collection!