A.D. 383-408 Arcadius Silver Siliqua from Gussage All Saints Hoard


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Struck over 1,600 years ago from A.D. 383-408 during the reign of Roman Emperor Arcadius, this well-preserved silver Siliqua was discovered in Dorset, England in 2010 as part of the famous Gussage All Saints Hoard. Found in a buried earthenware pot, the hoard of over 650 Roman Siliquae was identified and catalogued at the British Museum in accordance with U.K. Treasure Laws.

These coins recall an era when the Roman Empire was in decline, facing military threats and relinquishing its control over Britain. The obverse depicts Emperor Arcadius facing right, while the reverse features seated Roma holding Victory on a globe and a spear. Two years after Roman emperor Arcadius died in A.D. 408, Visogoth General Alaric became the first foreign military leader to invade and sack the city of Rome in nearly 800 years. Add a museum-quality artifact of the Ancient Roman Empire to your collection with this silver Siliqua from a 1,600-year-old hoard!