A.D. 350-353 Magnentius Bronze, Bridgnorth Shropshire Hoard, Two Victories Reverse


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Once a slave in Constantine the Great's household, Magnentius rose through the military to become a field commander of imperial guards in the West. In January A.D. 350, he overthrew Constans, gaining control of an area from modern-day Britain to Italy. Later he named Decentius, his brother (or relative), Caesar. He tried to make peace with Constantius II, but war was unavoidable. The Battle of Mursa took place, and Magnentius was defeated. For a time, he ruled a smaller empire, but another battle loomed and his troops deserted him, so he retreated and committed suicide.

From the Trier Mint, these bronze coins were buried soon after the rebellion ended. Even after more than 1,650 years, they exhibit a satiny brown patina and original surfaces, enhancing their beauty. Order yours today!