A.D. 350-353 Decentius Caesar Bronze Centenionalis, Bridgnorth Hoard


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We usually see only 2 or 3 of these high-quality bronze Centenionalis pieces of Decentius each year, which go quickly to special requests. In fact, Decentius bronzes of this quality are normally sold at auction! Fortunately, thanks to the Bridgnorth Shropshire Hoard, we were able to acquire enough coins to offer here!

Hand struck over 1,650 years ago from A.D. 350-353, each unique coin depicts Decentius – the brother of Magnentius, emperor of the western Roman Empire. Decentius was hailed Caesar in A.D. 350 and sent to defend Gaul, while Magnentius guarded Italy against the eastern empire’s Constantius II. Decentius was challenged by hostile Germans, and when Magnentius retreated to Gaul, the two planned to join forces against their foes. But military actions went against them, and when defeat was imminent, the pair took their own lives.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a rarely seen Decentius bronze coin in exceptional condition. Each piece offered here was struck at the Roman Mint in Trier, Germany and features the Two Victories reverse. Order today!