A.D. 350-353 Decentius Bronze Bridgnorth Shropshire Hoard Coin, Two Victories Reverse


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Add the rare bronze coin of Decentius to your collection! Normally we can only acquire about 10 of his coins a year and never in this quality. And even more exciting, they come from Amiens, France, a rare Roman mint. Hand struck over 1,650 years ago, each rare Centennionalis features Decentius – thought to be the brother (or relative) of Magnentius. Named Caesar in A.D. 350 or early 351, he was sent to defend Gaul against hostile German tribes while Magnentius battled Constantius II for control. The two rebels planned to unite their armies, but military actions went against them, and they took their lives a few days apart.

Given his short rule, and that Constantius II withdrew the rebels' coinage and replaced it after the rebellion, it's no wonder Decentius' coinage is rare and difficult to find today. Don't miss your chance to own this sensational, museum-quality hoard coin – get yours right away, supplies are limited!