A.D. 337-361 Constantius II Chi-Rho Bronze Centenionalis, Bridgnorth Shropshire Hoard


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Discovered in an English field with the legendary Bridgnorth Shropshire Hoard, this rare bronze Centenionalis from Ancient Rome features an early christogram (abbreviation for Jesus Christ). The coin was hand struck from A.D. 337-361 during the reign of Constantius II, son of Constantine the Great – the first Christian Roman emperor. The obverse depicts Constantius II and the reverse features the Chi Rho, formed by the first two letters – Chi (X) and Rho (P) – of the Greek word for Christ (XPIΣTOΣ).

Our small group of these coins with a rare reverse design comes from an exciting hoard found by a metal detectorist in 2007. Buried over 1,650 years ago in a clay pot, the Bridgnorth Shropshire Hoard contained nearly 2,900 scarce and rare coins of the ancient Roman Empire. Each bronze Centenionalis is in detailed and desirable Very Fine Plus condition and comes with a certificate of authenticity verifying its hoard pedigree. Add one of these well-preserved ancient coins to your collection today!