A.D. 337-350 Constans Bronze Centenionalis


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Accent your collection with a scarce bronze coin struck under Constans – the youngest son of renowned emperor Constantine the Great. Discovered as part of the famed 2007 Bridgnorth Shropshire Hoard, this Centenionalis features a portrait of the young leader on the obverse. He’s also shown on the reverse, standing on a galley.

Constans became emperor along with two of his brothers upon his father’s death in A.D. 337, and was given control of Italy, Ilyria and Africa. However, his arrogant treatment of his soldiers made him especially hated, setting the stage for Magnentius’ successful revolt of A.D. 350. Offered here in nicely detailed Extra Fine or better condition, these coins were struck more than 1,670 years ago. We have a strictly limited quantity available, so order quickly to secure yours!