A.D. 330-340 Constantine the Great Commemorative


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If you collect ancient coins or commemoratives, these dramatic “Angel of Constantinople” bronzes are important issues you shouldn’t be without! Struck in A.D. 330 during the port city's dedication, these ancient issues were circulating commemoratives much like our Bicentennial coinage of 1976.

On May 11, A.D. 330, Constantine the Great presided over ceremonies marking the founding of his new capital city. Strategically located where East meets West, Constantinople fostered a blend of customs, art and architecture. Christian in religion, Roman in organization and Greek in language, this new capital city preserved the ancient world’s knowledge from the Barbarian Hordes for another 1,100 years!

Unlike the mass-produced coins of today, these attractive bronze Nummi were struck by hand over 11 centuries ago! The obverse features a helmeted head of the city goddess Constantinopolis. The reverse, depicting winged Victory on a prow, recalls Constantine’s conquests and the triumph of Christianity and, by association, became identified as the angel in Christianity. Offered here in your choice of two beautiful museum quality grades, this ancient commemorative is a “must have” for every collector.