A.D. 330-340 Constantine I Bronze Follis Wolf & Twins


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It’s with great pleasure that I’m able to offer you these high-grade bronze Folles of Constantine the Great. Each reverse shows a she-wolf suckling the twins Romulus and Remus – the symbol of ancient Rome.

The story goes that in the 18th century B.C., a Vestal Virgin gave birth to twin sons (Romulus and Remus) of the god Mars. Seen as a threat by her uncle, they were set adrift in the Tiber River to die, but drifted safely to shore at the site that would become the city of Rome. Suckled by a she-wolf, the twins survived – though Romulus eventually murdered Remus in a dispute over where their city should be! A thousand years later, Constantine the Great (Rome’s first Christian emperor, who granted religious freedom to all Romans) struck these coins recalling the empire’s past glories.

These are a nice selection of museum-quality pieces, each graded by our expert staff and certified by NGC. Each piece offered here displays the urbs roma (City of Rome) obverse, featuring the helmeted bust of Roma. Because these coins were recovered from a hoard that was buried centuries ago, you can still enjoy an example in nearly the same condition as when it was minted. We seldom come across a group of ancient coins in this condition nowadays – but this is your chance to own a beautifully preserved piece with exceptional design details!