A.D. 307-337 Constantine I Bronze-Silvered Follis, Camp Gate Reverse


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Don’t miss this opportunity to own a seldom-seen, museum-quality bronze-silvered Follis featuring Constantine the Great with a military Camp Gate reverse. “We seldom come across a group of ancient coins with the same reverse design, especially in this condition,” said LCC President David Sundman. “They are among the nicest we’ve ever seen.” Beautifully preserved for over 1,680 years, with exceptional design details and original silvering intact, these coins are graded Near Mint State and Mint State by our experts and certified by NGC.

Issued A.D. 307-337, each bronze coin was first coated with a thick silver wash and then struck with the designs. Coins like these circulated in daily commerce when Constantine the Great granted religious freedom to all Romans. Today many pieces are missing their entire silver layer, but because these coins were recovered from a hoard buried centuries ago, you can enjoy an example in nearly the same condition as when it was minted. The Camp Gate reverse recalls mighty Roman legions and the military genius of Constantine the Great, whose civil wars ultimately united the east and west empires under his rule. This is truly an exceptional coin to add to any collection. Order today!