A.D. 302-309 Hormazd II Silver Drachm


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Get a high-quality silver Drachm hand struck from A.D. 302-309 during the reign of King Hormazd II of the Sassanian Dynasty – which ruled a vast region of western and central Asia for over 400 years and was the last pre-Islamic Persian Empire. The Sassanian regime included many different ethnic groups, and Hormazd II continued the religious toleration established by his father King Naresh. He also expanded and improved the empire's irrigation system, which boosted agricultural production in the arid lands of the Middle East.

The obverse depicts Hormazd II with an eagle in his headdress, while the reverse features the bust of Ahura Mazda – god of light and wisdom – within the sacred fire. Choose from these highly desirable grades and add a well-preserved silver Drachm from the legendary ancient Persian Empire to your collection today.