A.D. 284-305 Diocletian Silver Argenteus


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Don't miss this opportunity to own a scarce silver Argenteus of Ancient Rome. Introduced by Diocletian as part of his coinage reforms, these shortlived pieces had such high silver content they were hoarded, melted, or exported to the East for re-striking into Sasanian coinage. The 90% or purer silver Argenteus was discontinued after 18 years of mintage during the 4-man Roman Tetrarchy – when Diocletian and Maximianus co-reigned as "senior emperors" and Galerius and Constantius I served as "junior emperors":

  • Diocletian A.D. 284-305 – ruled successfully for two decades after a period of great upheaval

Nicely detailed portraits of indicated rulers are on the obverse side, while the reverses depict the 4 emperors of the Tetrarchy sacrificing at an altar before gate walls. Order now – we have only one of each scarce Argenteus available!