A.D. 270-275 Aurelian Silvered Bronze Antoninianus


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The Roman Empire was on the decline when Aurelian became emperor in A.D. 270, but he was determined to restore Rome to her former glory. First, he drove back the Vandals, Alemanni and Juthungi and put down a rebellion at the imperial mint. He built walls around Rome, retook the eastern provinces from Palmyra and drove back the Carpi. In A.D. 274, he brought rival Emperor Tetricus to heel to regain Gaul, Spain and Britain. With East and West united once more, Aurelian proclaimed himself the “Restorer of the World.”

Aurelian coins are growing more difficult to find. But thanks to an opportunity purchase, you can add one to your collection today. Each bronze coin is still in nicely detailed Extra Fine condition after more than 1,700 years. And each retains some of the original thick silver wash applied before striking. The obverse shows Emperor Aurelian, while the reverse depicts Jupiter, ruler of the Roman gods. Affordably priced, it’s truly history you can hold in your hand!