A.D. 269-271 Victorinus Bronze Antoninianus, Pax Reverse


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Hand struck over 1,700 years ago, these bronze coins depict Emperor Victorinus on the obverse, and Pax, the Goddess of Peace, on the reverse. A skilled military leader, Victorinus regained territory for the Gallic Empire, including Spain. His downfall resulted from a relentless pursuit of married women. Victorinus was slain in A.D. 271 after propositioning one too many wives of his officers.

Pax, the Goddess of Peace, is seen holding an olive branch and a scepter. As the daughter of Jupiter, king of the gods, and Iustitia, the Goddess of Justice, Pax represented tranquility, reminding followers to maintain harmony with one another throughout the year. A festival in her honor was held every January 3rd.

This bronze coin from Victorinus’s brief A.D. 269-271 reign is in sharply detailed, Extra Fine condition. For its age and quality, it is attractively priced!