A.D. 260-275 Barbarous Radiate from the LaRochelle Hoard


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You can own an intriguing 3rd-century coin from a rediscovered ancient hoard! After Gaul and Britain rebelled against Rome in A.D. 260 and set up their rival Gallic Empire, few Roman imperial coins circulated into those regions. To meet the chronic coin shortage and to facilitate commerce, local mints in Gaul and Britain began striking imitation Roman coins featuring the usual portraits of emperors wearing radiate or spiked crowns. These “Barbarous Radiates” created by rebel minters were allowed by local officials to circulate alongside genuine imperial coins. And because the copies featured and promoted the current Roman emperor, the officials in Rome had no reason to object!

Though Barbarous Radiates functioned like true imperial coins, and were used by citizens of Gaul and Britain over 1,700 years ago, they are available today at a remarkably modest price for their age! Add this fascinating piece of ancient Roman history to your collection today!