AD 26-36 Pontius Pilate Prut Lituus F/VF


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Recall Jesus' life with genuine coins of Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor who ordered his crucifixion. As the fifth governor of Judaea (appointed in A.D. 26), it was up to Pilate to decide if Christ was guilty of claiming to be king of the Jews. Though uncertain of Christ's guilt, he caved to the pressure of an angry mob and reluctantly sentenced Jesus, but not before he publicly washed his hands and said "I am innocent of this man's blood…".

Not only did he sentence Jesus, but his coins were different than previous governors because they displayed Roman religious implements which offended the Jews. The bronze Prutah offered here features a lituus (augur's wand) used by those holding the office of augury to interpret the will of the gods. Now over 1,900 years old, these affordable coins recall the ruler who shaped the history of western civilization! Get yours now!