A.D. 255-259 Saloninus Silver Antoninianus


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Highlight your collection with a seldom-seen silver Antoninianus struck during the brief reign of youthful Roman Emperor Saloninus over 1,750 years ago. Made Caesar (heir to the throne) in A.D. 258 by his father Emperor Gallienus to oversee the western provinces when his older brother died, 15-year-old Saloninus was challenged and besieged by ambitious Roman governor Postumus. Elevated to Augustus as co-emperor in 260, Saloninus was captured and executed at age 17 by Postumus just a few months after his ascension.

Carefully preserved in detailed Very Fine condition, this historical silver Antoninianus depicts Saloninus on the obverse with a radiate crown symbolizing the rays and power of the sun. Reverse designs vary. Enjoy a very scarce coin of Ancient Rome with uncommon detail and quality – order today while supplies last!