A.D. 253-260 Valerian I Silver Antoninianus


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Own a well-preserved silver Antoninianus hand struck over 1,750 years ago during one of the Roman Empire's most humiliating reigns. Valerian I rose to power in A.D. 253 and named his son Gallienus co-emperor to split the challenges of multiple uprisings. While his son dealt with western invasions, Valerian spent years restoring order in the Middle East. Besieged by the Persian king Shapur at Edessa, he was betrayed during negotiations, taken captive and subjected to humiliations for the rest of his life. This reportedly included serving as Shapur's footstool when he mounted his horse, and finally a tragic and public death to serve as a warning to visiting Roman diplomats.

Offered in attractive Very Fine or especially nice Very Fine Plus condition, these affordable silver Antoninianii depicting Emperor Valerian have great detail and will add ancient Roman significance to your collection. Order today! (Reverse designs will vary.)