A.D. 244-249 Philip I Silver Antoninianus


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Highlight your collection with this attractive silver Antoninianus hand struck from A.D. 244-249 during the reign of Philip I – who came to power after rousing the Roman army against Emperor Gordian III and perhaps causing his death. Known as Philip the Arab because he was born in Syria, Philip I made peace with the troublesome Persians soon after becoming emperor. In A.D. 248, he threw a huge festival for the 1,000th anniversary of the founding of the city of Rome – a grand spectacle including theatrical productions throughout the city, gladiator fights at the Colosseum, sacrifices of exotic animals to deities, and other lavish observances.

The obverse of this handsome Antoninianus depicts Philip the Arab, while the reverse designs will vary. Add the intrigue and significance of Ancient Rome to your collection with this affordable Extra Fine silver coin struck over 1,760 years ago!