A.D. 238-244 Gordian III Silver Denarius


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Now get this genuine silver coin, struck as part of the last-ever major issue of silver Denarii. Long-lived and popular, this denomination thrived in Rome for over 400 years. However, the Denarius had lost much of its buying power by the rule of Rome's much-loved child-emperor, Gordian III. Youthful good looks and a humble nature made him very popular with the Romans. By age 13 he was declared Caesar, and within months, named emperor. The sixth ruler of A.D. 238, he was the only child-emperor not seduced by the power of Rome. But at age 19, he was murdered by the power-hungry Philip I. Be sure to get your 1,700-year-old hand-struck silver Denarius of Gordian III today. It's part of a great story, an authentic relic of the ancient world, and affordably priced – don't delay!