A.D. 238-244 Gordian III Silver Antoninianus, Hercules Reverse


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Here’s a genuine silver Antoninianus issued during the reign of Gordian III, the much-loved child emperor of Rome. On the reverse, it features a old depiction of Hercules – believed to have been modeled after the Farnese Hercules statue. Sculpted at the beginning of the 3rd century A.D., this statue was originally displayed in the famed Baths of Caracalla!

As the 6th and final emperor to rule in A.D. 238, Gordian III was the only child-emperor not seduced by the power of Rome. Named Caesar at age 13, and emperor months later, he led for several years under the Senate’s guidance – but was murdered when he was just 19. These Very Fine Plus coins are still remarkably well-preserved after more than 1,750 years, so you can enjoy a detailed piece of history. We have fewer than 25 available, so order now!