A.D. 222-235 Julia Mamaea Silver Denarius


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Few women were able to make names for themselves during the age of Rome’s great emperors… But the women of the Severan-Emesan Dynasty certainly did! After conspiring with her mother to de-throne her nephew, Julia Mamaea ensured that her teenaged son, Severus Alexander, was named emperor and served the realm responsibly. She became a virtual puppet master, pulling the strings to control her son behind the scenes. Mamaea even went so far as to end her son’s marriage when she began to hold less influence over his decisions!

Unfortunately, Mamaea and Alexander were murdered by his troops in 235 – bringing an end to the Severan-Emesan Dynasty. Now you can hold a genuine coin depicting that powerful woman! The silver Denarii of Julia Mamaea offered here are still nicely detailed even after more than 1,780 years. Act now to own an important piece of Roman history!