A.D. 218-222 Elagabalus Silver Denarius


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These detailed ancient silver Denarii, struck nearly 1,800 years ago, will make a handsome addition to your collection. Part of a larger hoard, they lay hidden through the ages and now, more than 17 centuries later, you can enjoy an ancient Roman coin struck during the brief four year reign ofthe young emperor Elagabalus.

The pieces offered here were hand struck during the reign of this 14-year-old, who came into power through his grandmother's influence with the Roman army. Ironically, he was murdered at the age of 17 when the sworn allegiance of the soldiers shifted to mutiny. Perhaps Elagabalus' paymaster hid the silver Denarii away before a battle and never returned!

Each coin is struck in good quality silver. The obverse bears the likeness of the young emperor, while the reverses vary. In this condition, this ancient should be in your collection – reserve yours right away!