A.D. 202-205 Plautilla Silver Denarius


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Nicely centered with sharp details, this silver denarius was hand struck over 1800 years ago, and is difficult to find – plus its story is equally dramatic! With an arranged marriage by her powerful father, Plautilla became the child bride of Caracalla, oldest son of Roman Emperor Septimius Severus. Her reign was short-lived, however, only from A.D. 202-205. The young pair were not well suited to each other, and Caracalla despised his bride, refusing even to share meals with her.

Realizing Plautilla’s father wanted to be emperor, his teenaged son-in-law had him tried for treason and executed, and then banished his wife to the tiny island of Lipari off Sicily. We’re offering this silver denarius with its impressive details for the first time. As a scarcer issue due to her short reign, it’s taken us several years to accumulate this small group of just 10 pieces. Give this ancient Roman coin pride of place in your collection and order today!