A.D. 193-211 Septimius Severus Denarius


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Septimius Severus charged into action after Emperor Pertinax was murdered in A.D. 193. With the support of several legions behind him, Severus stormed into Rome and took control of the throne. Soon, he was able to depose the praetorian guards responsible for the murder of Pertinax.

Through it all, Severus paid his legions with silver Denarii just like these, guaranteeing their loyalty. This was the beginning of a long tradition of Roman emperors who were identified more closely with the military than an aristocracy. Now’s your chance to add a silver coin of Septimius Severus to your collection. Over 1,800 years old, the obverse bears a portrait of this militant but popular emperor, while reverse designs vary. Order now to add this unique silver coin, in Very Fine condition, to your collection!