A.D. 177-192 Commodus Silver Denarius


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The 2000 blockbuster Gladiator gave us a look into the life of corrupt emperor Commodus. Now, for the first time in 5 years, we're able to offer you a genuine silver coin struck over 1,800 years ago under that ruthless leader!

Many Romans hoped that Commodus would be an adept ruler like his father, Marcus Aurelius. However, after assuming full control in 180 A.D., Commodus placed his questionable favorites in power. In his growing insanity, he began dressing as Hercules, and joined in gladiatorial fights. Commodus' own sister and wife plotted to assassinate him – but were caught, banished, and executed. Eventually in 192, he was strangled.

The genuine hand-struck silver Denarii offered here were issued under Commodus to ensure the loyalty of his legions. His portrait is shown on the obverse, while reverse designs vary. These Very Fine coins are hard to locate in quantity, so be sure to get yours today!