A.D. 164-182 Lucilla Silver Denarius


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In A.D. 161, Lucius Verus made history as the first “offcial” co-emperor of the Roman Empire, alongside Marcus Aurelius. Around this same time, to solidify the connection between the leaders, Verus was betrothed to Aurelius’ 12-year-old daughter Lucilla. The pair wed a few years later and began a seemingly happy life together – he was frequently off fighting for Rome, while she raised their children.

Unfortunately, just five years into their marriage, Verus had a stroke, widowing young Lucilla. She was later exiled and executed for conspiring to murder her brother, the Emperor Commodus. Now, you can enjoy silver Denarii struck over 1,800 years ago – one depicting Lucius Verus, the other showing his young bride (designs may vary). But hurry – our supply is strictly limited, so order quickly to secure yours.