A.D. 138-161 Antoninus Pius Silver Denarius


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Imagine the thrill and excitement of owning a museum-quality silver coin from the legendary Roman Empire! This genuine Roman denarius was struck over 1,800 years ago during the reign of Antoninus Pius – one of Ancient Rome's most able leaders.

  • Hand struck in silver from A.D. 138-161, during the Golden Age of the Roman Empire
  • Depicting Antoninus Pius – fourth of the rulers known as Rome's "Five Good Emperors"
  • Carefully preserved in Mint State condition since its production over 1,800 years ago

Experts estimate that less than 1% of all ancient coins are still in existence, and only a tiny fraction of those available today are of Mint State quality. Don't miss this chance to acquire a genuine silver coin of Ancient Rome in the premium condition sought after by every collector!