A.D. 105-147 Vologases III Silver Drachm


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In the 3rd century B.C., a tribe of nomads carved out an empire on the eastern fringes of what was once the vast empire of Alexander the Great. These nomads, renowned for their horsmanship, built the kingdom of Parthia, a world power and one of the few enemies Rome never conquered. Parthian king Vologases III sent his fierce cavalry against some of Rome's greatest emperors – Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius – and emerged unbeaten. This stunning silver coin was struck during Vologases III's reign from A.D. 105-147.

Now almost 2,000 years old, Parthian coins are famous for their consistent silver purity. Holding these museum-quality Drachms, you'll wonder who hid such beautiful coins away centuries ago and why? Was it a legendary Parthian horsemen, a Roman foot soldier, a servant of the king? Each beautiful silver drachm is exceptionally well preserved. Each coin carries a high-relief profile of the king on the obverse and a seated archer holding a bow on the reverse. Our supply is limited, so order yours today!