93-69 B.C. Sinatruces Silver Drachm


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This silver Drachm recalls the great Parthian Empire, which at one time rivaled mighty Rome. Around 77 B.C., Sinatruces – who had been exiled in Scythia after his capture by invaders – was recalled to Parthia (in southwest Asia). During his reign as king, Sinatruces worked to restore order following a civil war.

Struck in 4 grams of silver, Parthia's Drachms transmitted western ideas of coinage design to the Middle East and beyond. Famous for their consistent purity, these silver coins feature Sinatruces' portrait with ornate crown on the obverse, and the first Parthian king with a bow on the reverse. Visually appealing, this Parthian coin is an enduring legacy of a remarkable civilization!