50 State Birds & Flowers - Maine


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Here's a colorful coin your favorite collector is sure to tweet about! This coin features images of the official bird and flower of Maine on a Kennedy half dollar!

  • Obverse is beautifully colorized by Littleton's artists based on the art of award-winning American wildlife painter Kevin Daniel
  • Uncolorized reverse bears U.S. presidential coat of arms
  • Maine coin shows the Black-Capped Chickadee, which mates for life and is beloved for its cheerful, curious nature and unique "chick-a-dee" call from which its name is derived
  • Also depicts the White Pine Cone & Tassel; despite not being a flower, Maine adopted it as its official flower due to the state's long association with pine trees – lumber milled from pine has fueled Maine's economy since the 1600s
  • Littleton exclusive

These beautiful coins are created using special domed technology, which offers exceptionally detailed, uninterrupted designs. Get yours today!