400-344 B.C. Thessaly, Krannon Bronze Horseman


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Get an ancient Greek coin from the city-state of Krannon in Thessaly – land of the mythical Centaurs and birthplace of the legendary hero Achilles. Thessaly fell under Macedonian control following the conquests of Phillip II, and later rebelled with other Greek city-states including Athens against Macedonian rule after Alexander the Great's death.

The main battle of the rebellion was at Krannon in 322 B.C. – a decisive victory for Macedonia over the coalition of Greek city-states including Thessaly and Athens.

Hand struck from 400-344 B.C., the obverse depicts Poseidon – Greek god of the sea held in high regard by the people of Krannon. The reverse of the coin shows a man on horseback, emblematic of Thessaly's highly skilled cavalry. Add this 2,300-year-old coin of Ancient Greece to your collection today!