40 B.C.-A.D. 6 Herod the Great & Herod Archelaus Bronze Coin Set

(2 coins)


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These coins were struck during the time of Jesus over 2,000 years ago, when Herod the Great and his son, Herod Archelaus, ruled Judaea. In 40 B.C., Rome had appointed the father as king, and Herod raised the kingdom’s prosperity. But he also issued an edict to kill Bethlehem’s Jewish boys under 2 years of age for fear one of them was the prophesized Messiah – Jesus Christ – who would replace him as ruler. Mary, Joseph and the infant Jesus fled to Egypt. At the news of Herod’s death, Mary and Joseph were set to return with Jesus. But when Rome appointed Archelaus his father’s successor, they instead settled in Nazareth. In A.D. 6, Rome removed Archelaus for his oppressive rule against the Jews. This father and son set of ancient bronze coins is sure to spark a conversation – add it to your collection today!