40-37 B.C. Mattathias Antigonus Bronze Prutah VG/F


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Struck for only 3 years, this Bronze Lepton is a rare coin of Mattathias Antigonus, the last Jewish ruler before Judaea came under Rome`s control. In 40 B.C., Antigonus bribed the Parthians to invade Jerusalem so he could secure the throne and position of High Priest, held by his uncle. It has been said that he gnawed off his uncle`s ears, since a high priest was not allowed to have any bodily blemishes. In 37 B.C., Herod and the Roman legions captured Jerusalem and executed Antigonus, ending Maccabean rule after five generations. Each of these unique coins was hand struck on a double-thick flan. Add this rare and historic issue to your collection while supplies last.