336-275 B.C. Alexander the Great Silver Drachm


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Bring back the clash of chariots – the roar of victory – with these silver Drachms honoring Alexander the Great. They recall the daring feats of a Greek hero for the ages. A veteran of war by age 18 and king of Macedonia by 20, Alexander the Great conquered the civilized world by 32. Stretching from the Mediterranean to India, his empire was the largest ever seen.

The generals who later carved up Alexander’s empire capitalized on his popularity and continued to issue these Drachms. Some were struck during his lifetime, others were released posthumously. You’ll treasure this hand-struck silver coin depicting Alexander’s favorite hero, Hercules, wearing a lion skin (believed to be modeled after Alexander himself). Zeus is shown seated on a throne on the reverse. Now, because of a special purchase, you can own this2,300-year-old coin honoring Alexander the Great. It’s not often we have enough of these coins to be able to feature them in our catalogs, so order now to secure yours!