300 B.C. Troas Birytis Bronze


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You can affordably own a well-preserved bronze coin hand struck over 2,300 years ago in the region of Troas – bordering the Aegean Sea in present-day western Turkey and once ruled by the famous city of Troy! The region was immortalized in Homer's epic Greek poem about the legendary Trojan War between the mighty kingdoms of Troy and Greece.

This ancient bronze coin was hand struck around 300 B.C. in Birytis, one of several cities in Troas that joined an alliance led by Troy. Coins like these are the only relics of the lost city of Birytis, whose exact location remains unknown! The obverse features a portrait of the god Kabeiros wearing a conical cap, while the reverse bears the letters B, I, P and Y surrounded by a wreath. This 2,300-year-old coin in desirable condition has excellent detail for its age, and will add great historical interest and intrigue to any collection. Reserve yours today!