2024-S Native American Dollar

San Francisco Mint - Indian Citizenship Act


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The Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 is honored on the 2024 Native American dollar Proof struck by the prestigious San Francisco Mint!

  • Exceptionally sharp designs for which this mint is known
  • One-year-only reverse pays tribute to the federal legislation that granted U.S. citizenship rights to Native Americans while also preserving their rights of tribal citizenship and property
  • Also known as the Snyder Act for its sponsor Representative Homer P. Snyder of New York
  • Design features an eagle staff and the American flag
  • Its passage represented successful lobbying by Zitkala-Sa of the Society of American Indians
  • President Calvin Coolidge signed it into law June 2, 1924
  • Struck only for collectors

Your 2024 Native American "S" dollar is great addition to a collection or to give as a gift – order now!