2024 P&D Kennedy Half Dollar & Native American Dollar Set in Showpak

Philadelphia & Denver Mint (4 coins)


Select a Grade: Uncirculated

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Get an Uncirculated P&D set of U.S. coins sought after by collectors.

  • Struck in limited quantities, these 2024 half dollars and dollars are issued for collectors
  • These coins are not released for circulation
  • The Kennedy half dollars honor the memory of a beloved U.S. president
  • The reverse of the 2024 Native American dollars honor the 100th anniversary of the 1924 Indian Citizenship Act
  • Authorized by President Calvin Coolidge, the act gave Native American's dual citizenship between the United States of America and their tribes
  • All four coins are in collector-preferred Uncirculated condition
  • Presented in Littleton exclusive Showpak® holder

Keep your P&D collection up-to-date with this Special Collector's Edition today!