2024 Greatest Generation Commemorative Coins

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Mark the 100th anniversary of the generation that persevered with these Greatest Generation commemorative coins. Born between 1901-1924, the Greatest Generation survived some of the country’s darkest days and ushered in a new age of American history. With a childhood spent during the first World War only to have their young adulthood thwarted by the Great Depression, these heroes accepted the call of duty and stepped up to fight for freedom during World War II. Applaud their sacrifices today with:

  • 2024-S Clad Half Dollar – Obverse features a rendition of the Figure of Liberation found on WWII Victory Medals awarded to all members of the armed forces. The reverse depicts the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C.
  • 2024-P 99.9% pure Silver Dollar – Obverse shows six figures working together to hold the Earth up as a tribute to the five Military Branches and Merchant Marines who proudly served during WWII. The reverse features a view from inside the Victory Pavilion in the WWII Memorial.

Each Proof issue features beautiful mirrorlike surfaces and frosted design details. Celebrate the generation that gave their all with these commemorative coins in original U.S. Mint packaging! These exciting 2024 issues will be shipped as soon as they arrive from the U.S. Mint!