Littleton's $1 Coin Series Honoring America's Greatest Generation and Folder

Great Depression (1 coin)


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Those born between 1901-1924 – our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents – came of age during a tumultuous time in America’s history. Now, honor their grit and determination with Littleton’s exclusive 10-coin series! Start now with the first coin and the custom folder for just $19.95 and SAVE over 40%! Your introductory offer features:

  • A dollar coin that pays tribute to the Great Depression, issued as legal tender for Liberia
  • A custom folder to hold all 10 coins in the series
  • Available only through Littleton – for a limited time at this introductory price
  • SAVE over 40% OFF individual prices when you buy the first coin and the folder together
  • Composition: Zinc-Copper-Aluminum (ZnCuAl), nickel-plated
  • Diameter: 38mm

All 10 coins will be released in 2024 – watch for them in upcoming catalogs and on our website. Future issues recall the Call to War, WWII Victory, Baby Boom and more!

Beginning with the stock market crash of 1929, the world experienced the worst economic downturn it had ever seen. Bread lines and soup kitchens grew increasingly important in towns and cities, helping citizens during their time of need. For a limited time, you can SAVE over 40% off individual prices on your first coin and the series’ folder. This collection is a fantastic tribute to members of the Greatest Generation – start yours, today!