2023 Djibouti 3 oz. 200 Francs Bust of Nefertiti

99.9% Pure Silver


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From forgotten 14th Century B.C. portrait bust to 1920s museum sensation, Queen Nefertiti is celebrated on an impressive 3 oz. of 99.9% pure silver coin with an Antique Finish! Despite missing a left eye, Nefertiti is still regarded as the most beautiful woman from an ancient civilization. Crafted in impressive 3-D relief, the obverse shows the famous limestone bust of the royal wife of Egyptian pharaoh Aknenaten discovered by archaeologists in 1912. The couple led worship of the sun god, Aten, instituting a form of monotheism during a period of enormous wealth in Egypt. The concave reverse shows the queen with her two daughters, the emblem of Djibouti and the year. With a strictly limited mintage of 1,999, this substantial silver issue is expected to go quickly. Order now!