2022 Treaty of Paris 13 Colonies to One Nation Silver-Plated 100 gram Copper Bar


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Celebrate a critical moment from America's founding with this Littleton exclusive silver-plated copper bar!

  • 2022 issue from Littleton's 13 Colonies to One Nation Series
  • Depicts the signing of the Treaty of Paris – the document that officially ended the Revolutionary War
  • Image is based on Benjamin West's painting
  • It features the U.S. delegation at the signing – John Jay, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Laurens and William Temple Franklin
  • West painted each figure (with the exception of Benjamin Franklin) from life, and intended to show two British delegates at right. It's said that they refused to pose, and today the original painting remains unfinished
  • Each piece in this exclusive 13-bar series is crafted from 100 grams of copper and layered in 99.9% precious silver
  • Back features Littleton's exclusive eagle and shield design

Honor America's journey to freedom with this dynamic collection!