2022 Jamul Indian Coin Set - Shawnee


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Get the 2022 six-coin set in the popular Native American series that pays tribute to the Shawnee who once inhabited the Ohio River Valley. Semi-nomadic, they followed animal herds in winter and set up summer villages for growing crops for the fall harvest. The common reverse was inspired by the Shawnee Tribe logo. Each coin's obverse depicts a detail from daily life associated with the Shawnee:

  • 1¢ – snake-warrior mask
  • 5¢ – harvested corn, squash and beans
  • 10¢ – ceremonial tomahawk pipe given by British army officer Henry Proctor to Chief Tecumseh for allied warfare against the U.S. in the War of 1812
  • 25¢ – Curse of Tippecanoe said to avenge the Shawnee who lost their native land in battle with Indiana Territory governor-turned-president William Harrison. Elected in 1840, he died in office, giving rise to the superstition that U.S. presidents selected in years ending in zero died in office
  • 50¢ – Chief Tecumseh saves settlers (who were taken prisoners) from execution
  • $1 – Tenskwatawa was a spiritual and political leader known as The Prophet, who encouraged his followers to pursue traditional ways and resist white assimilation

The Jamul Nation is officially recognized as a sovereign nation by the U.S. government and is legally authorized to issue its own commemorative coins, including this handsome set honoring the Shawnee. It comes in a colorfully illustrated display card and with a certificate of authenticity. Mintage is limited to 25,000, so order today!