2021 Boston Tea Party 13 Colonies to One Nation Silver-Plated 100 gram Copper Bar


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Celebrate a critical moment from America's founding, with this Littleton exclusive silver-plated copper bar honoring the Boston Tea Party!

  • 2021 issue is the 5th release in the "13 Colonies to One Nation" series
  • Depicts the Boston Tea Party – one of the first major acts of defiance by American colonists
  • In 1773, frustrated and angry colonists in Boston had declared an embargo on tea to protest British policies and "taxation without representation"
  • When three British East India Tea Company ships arrived on December 16, 1773, they refused to let the ships unload their cargo. But the governor would not let the ships depart peacefully, and insisted the tea tariff be paid
  • So that night – disguised as Native Americans – colonists seized 342 chests of tea and dumped them into Boston Harbor
  • Crafted from 100 grams of copper, this bar is layered in 99.9% precious silver
  • Back of the bar features Littleton's exclusive eagle and shield design

Honor America's journey to freedom with this dynamic Brilliant Uncirculated bar!