2019 P&D U.S. Innovation Dollar Set


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All four 2019 U.S. Innovation dollars are now available!

  • Trustees’ Garden – Georgia: honors first agricultural research station, founded in the early 1730s to test and develop such major American crops as cotton and peaches.
  • Light Bulb – New Jersey: pays tribute to the 1879 invention of the incandescent light bulb.
  • Polio Vaccine – Pennsylvania: honors 1953 discovery of the polio vaccine.
  • Classifying the Stars – Delaware: features profile of astronomer Annie Jump Cannon, who invented a system for classifying the stars still used today.

The common obverses feature a dramatic image of the Statue of Liberty. You can get all Uncirculated Philadelphia “P” and Denver “D” mint mark coins of each design today. And you’ll SAVE when you buy all eight coins!